Have Your Gospel Song Arranged by W. Elmo Mercer

In my long career, I have arranged music for many of the top gospel artists and publishing companies.

Three Choices Below, each with Option A or B

A.  I will transcribe from your recording;  or
B.  I will make arrangement(s) from your own lead sheet.
        (Regardless of length of song)

1.  Four Parts (as in a hymnal) — specify Round or Shape Notes
        a – $80
        b – $110

2.  Lead (Melody) Line with Piano Accompaniment
        a – $110
        b – $140

3.  Choral with Piano Accompaniment
        a – $140
        b – $170

Contact Elmo for more details and to discuss your new project.

Thank you for your confidence in my God-given abilities, and I look forward to the opportunity to team up with you!