Elmo’s Friends

We have many friends and family who have been very special to us over the years. We wish we had the room to list them all here.

Jeff Jeffrey
Simply Southern Gospel Music & Publishing
Jeff also hosts the “Simply Southern Gospel” radio show on CTRadioOnline.com. The hour-long program airs Sundays at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Previous guests have included Elmo Mercer, The Music City Boys and Henry Slaughter.

And don’t miss Jeff’s new live music and entertainment show, the Nashville CG Jubilee, which started in 2013! Click here to find out more.

Lee and Dianne Turner
“We’ve known them since the early 70’s. He can play ANY type of music from classical to ragtime. Tremendous talent.” -Elmo
Watch a YouTube video of Lee playing “Tiger Rag” in his driveway to entertain marathon runners.

Henry and Hazel Slaughter
“Henry and I will be among the first guests for Jeff Jeffrey’s new Nashville CG Jubilee, a live music and entertainment show being held in the Music Valley Center across from the Opryland Hotel. We’re looking forward to seeing you there on August 30, 2013!” -Elmo
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Clarence Powell
“Clarence Powell is a dear friend, both with us and my late brother Earl. They were both on staff at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home in Monroe, La. He has written and published a book called ‘Daily Grace’ which I recommend.” -Elmo
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Bill Salmon
“Bill has been a good friend and Minister of Music in the Nashville area for years. He has a fabulous recording studio over his garage and beautiful home.” -Elmo
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David M. Atkinson, and the GOSPEL CLASSICS CD
Elmo Mercer and Henry Slaughter have teamed up with veteran pastor and lyricist, David M. Atkinson, on this great album. Both Gloria Gaither and Les Butler have said very kind words about David’s work as a songwriter. Rick Williams, who has worked with Eddie Crook, says, “David can flat turn a phrase in a way that you will never forget!”  People tell us when they wake up in the morning the songs are going through their mind. This project features several songs with full orchestrations. The cost is $15 including shipping. A companion full size FOLIO SONGBOOK is also available for $15 including shipping. Buy both for $25 including shipping. To order, make check payable to David M. Atkinson at 51 Carnation Street, Dyer, IN  46311.

The Hudlet Family
“The Hudlet family in Troy, Montana as a retreat we visited many years ago. Carolyn is the mother. They have 16 modern log cabins and host all kinds of groups, like family reunions, conferences, etc. The day we were there they were teaching a fly-fishing course! We met because she plays from my solo piano books. We love the great Northwest, and their retreat area and hospitality are wonderful.”  -Elmo
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Lorne Matthews
“Lorne is a fantastic piano player. He used to play for the Cathedral Quartet and still plays great with orchestra soundtracks. He and his wife Jimmie have done many gospel concerts in the past, including one at First Baptist Church in Okeechobee, Fla. (which was our former winter home).” -Elmo

Jason Coleman
“Jason is the grandson of famed pianist Floyd Cramer. I guess Floyd taught him his technique because Jason plays JUST LIKE HIM! He has some great albums out – and may have used the same arrangements, maybe even some of the same musicians, as Floyd.” -Elmo

Sandy Nelson,
Pinebrook Vacation Rentals, and
Just Let Me Learn Foundation

“Sandy is our dear friend that we stay with occasionally in Allenspark, CO. The cabins and scenery there are breathtaking! We highly recommend a visit to their property, and please read about her charity work as well” -Elmo

The 25 privately-owned “rustic elegance” cabins/homes at Pinebrook Vacation Rentals display some of the most awesome beauty that Colorado has to offer. Located near Estes Park at the doorstep of Rocky Mountain National Park, they accommodate all tastes and budgets from cozy rustic cabins to luxurious mountain homes. All of our properties are secluded, peaceful mountain getaways with easy access to the park and its hundreds of miles of trails.

We encourage you to check out the charity work Sandy and her son are doing around the world. The ‘Just Let Me Learn Foundation’ enables children in economically challenged areas of the world to have access to education built on high academic standards, and a world view based on human dignity and self-worth.

Pat (Mercer) Hutchens & Jim Hutchens, and
The Jerusalem Connection
“My cousin, Patty Mercer (we grew up together in Winnfield, La.) now lives in the D.C. area. Her husband, Jim Hutchens, a retired General, hosts a popular radio program & publishes a magazine that informs, educates and activates support for Israel.” -Elmo

Young’s Out-of-Print Music
web: youngsmusic.com  |  phone: 800.628.6204

Music Library (Nashville)
phone: 615.377.3463